NearbyFeed – Location-based Social Networking and Microblogging

NearbyFeed (

Discover what’s happening around me and everywhere.  Share information (e.g., status, photo, deal, news, review, restaurant, housing, travel, sport, fashion, etc), places and opinions with friends and nearby people. Find out nearby interesting information and opinions, meet new friends near you, and explore nearby interesting places. Follow nearby people and see what they are doing, where they are and who they are with.

iPhone Video Demo:

Android Video Demo:

iPhone and Android App Featues

1. checkin any place, and choose a radius for nearby stream of various category (e.g., status, photo, deal, news, housing, marketplace, entertainment, etc), nearby people and various category of nearby places (e.g., restaurant, hotel, mall, etc).

2. follow nearby people of interest to you

3. attach photo to any status update, or add photo to album

4. map view of various categories of stream, people, place

5. GPS locating, or search place on the map, or move the red pin on the map for new place

6. rate and favorite any status update and any place

Find NearbyFeed on AppStoreHQ.
Apps at AppStoreHQ

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